Friday, October 18, 2013

Let it Be ..........

As I awake in the morning and the new light stings my eyes I struggle but still find a smile
Grateful they have opened once more I yawn and stretch my arms to the heavens
Ready to begin unknown new tasks ahead of me - adventures in learning
As I wait and work through each I will learn PATIENCE
Each challenge I accept
Let it be

In days past I SUFFERED
Lost, Confused, without purpose and direction - Unhappy
Now swaddled in a blanket warm with peace
As I enjoy the gift you’ve given sharing it with whomever will listen
As I play just a tiny part in a new age of awareness and preparedness
Though dark souls will scoff and mock at what they do not understand or see
I will learn to be FORGIVING and KIND
Let it be

If I lose friends and loved ones along the way who’ve completed their reason or season
Protecting those sacred ties in full disclosure without lies
Although I’ll miss them dearly
Even if I don’t understand I will not be ANGRY
Let it be

Should I lose my possessions, my home, everything I call my own
So that I may appreciate and not ENVY those around me
Let it be

Perhaps I will find a companion along my path to love and grow with me
One predestined A blessing at my side
One who will remember me and help me with things I must achieve
As I return exponentially Grateful…so very grateful
Let it be

I will proclaim those things placed on my heart
I will seek truth in all things within me and around me
Understanding that although there is purpose there is also the journey
And I will waste nothing
As I hope for more each day for the world around me
Even when I am left with disappointment
Let it be

If I have done everything asked of me on this day
If I’ve spoken everything
If I’ve helped those placed in my path
Learned the lessons meant for me
If in this I’ve earned blessings bestowed that I may bask in your favor for even a moment
All praise!
Let it be

And though this life may toss and turn me
Like a tiny ship on a great, cold, dark ocean With no foreseeable beginning or end
Through torrid storms without relent or seeming purpose
I will stretch
I will bend
I will stand tall
I will not break
And I will rejoice in all
Let it Be!

And at the end of my days
If I have completed all that is required of me
Lived my life as it should be
Laughed, loved, cried
Given all that I have inside
I will close my eyes peacefully
Surrender all
As I whisper softly
I have walked in LOVE
Let my spirit
Be received
Allow me rest
Let it be

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chasing The Wind ................

Chasing the wind that I can't see ...
But ... I can feel

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lesson Of Time ~

When a bird is alive, it eats ants .....
When the bird is dead, ants eat the bird .....
Time and circumstances can change at any time ....
Don't devalue or hurt anyone in life ........
You may be powerful today ...
But remember ...
Time is more powerful than you ...
One tree makes a million match sticks .....
Only one  match stick ... needed to burn million tress ....
So be good and do good ...