Sunday, August 16, 2009

" A Heart Full Of Love................"

~ A Heart Full Of Love ~

* Anyone who is willing to listen can hear what is being said, even if no words are being spoken.

* Just how high can the human heart rise, in a world so full of uncaring eyes. Where animals suffer and children die and people fight wars without even knowing why. Where alcohol and drugs cause wasted lives, and shelters are full of unwed mothers and battered wives.

But should the day come that man learns to care,and wants to no longer just take, but also to share. And he learns that everything has the right to live, and life is not something he can take, but can not give. When he learns to approach life with a heart full of love, for everything on earth and in the heavens above. When he learns to do these things he will have opened the door, to knowing just how high, the human heart can soar.

* I've been touched by the morning sun that chases the night away, and I've been touched by the gentle words that love-struck poets say. And I've been touched by the morning mist everyone calls the dew, but it all seems more beautiful now that I've been touched by you.

* The pain we feel when someone leaves our life is in direct proportion to the joy they bring while a part of our life.

* In every relationship there is a chance of getting hurt, but once we've known the joy of holding another close, we realize thats a chance we just have to take.

* We should do everything within reason to save a good relationship. But if we are constantly trying to save it, it's probably not a good relationship.

* When you truly know the meaning of the word love, you will also know the meaning of the word pain.

* I've often wondered and racked my brain, but I guess I'll never know, why one person looks and sees the rain, while another is seeing a rainbow.

* In our language we have two words; solitude and loneliness. Solitude is being alone, without thinking about being alone.
While loneliness is being alone, and being aware that your alone.

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