Thursday, December 10, 2009

~ On-the-Go Thigh Toning Workout ~

If you want toned legs, there is no substitute for eating right, performing rigorous cardio, and doing squats with weights. But what happens when you are traveling or only have 20 minutes for a quick workout--with nothing but your own body weight for resistance?

This simple collection of exercises to target your glutes, tummy, and thigh areas. If you want to make it more difficult just add more reps, or you can even circle back to the beginning once you have completed the entire round of moves. Start out with as many reps as you can but aim for at least 20.

It's okay if you feel a bit goofy while performing these moves. Ballerinas are some of the hardest working athletes out there, and look at their bodies! Don't forget to blast your music for a little extra motivation.

1. Toe Squat
Raise up onto toes, arms out to the side for balance, squat down and squeeze your knees together while balancing on toes and lifting your heels on the way down. Hold for 2 seconds before raising back up, balancing on toes continuously.


2. Leg Forward Lunge

Place one leg out front, hands on hips (or hands crossed at chest), squat back and down onto the back leg, slowly rise back up.2.BB-300.jpg 2.-B-300.jpg

3. Side to Side Hops
Balance on one leg and push off to land on opposite leg. Gain your balance before pushing off back to the original leg, hands at chest level.


4. Plea Jumps
Stagger feet so one leg is slightly in front of the other, jump up and switch feet. Balance, push off and switch back.

4. 4.B-300.jpg

5. Outward Calf Raises
Position feet away from each other, slowly rise up and squeeze calves, lower back down and repeat.


6. Soldier Toe Touch
Balance on one leg, hold same arm out parallel to the floor, lift the opposite leg up and touch the tip of your toe to your hand keeping leg straight.

6.-B-300.jpg 6.A-300.jpg

7. Open Faced Side Lunge
Extend your arms out to the side, step one leg out and squat into that leg, push off and back to starting position. Switch legs keeping your arms out continuously.


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