Sunday, April 18, 2010

~ Life only gets better ~

Life only gets better..........

Did you ever feel lost, or not in touch with reality.
Is it you? or the people around you!
Sometime you have to ask these questions to keep in touch with your center of perception.

In life we may do horrible things that may effect another individual, not being able to correct them at a later date. But remember it does not take an apology to say your sorry. In life you may cross this person again. Just a simple what’s up! How you have been! Nice to see you! Can say a thousand words.

Sometimes life does not go the way we plan or hope.
We spend hour upon hour dreaming of what life could be, and wishing for things we don’t deserve. If your one of these people maybe its time to let life lead the way instead of trying to tempt your own fate.

I believe that life has many tests. I myself have dealt with many issues to bring me back into reality. But it took strong will and a lot of convincing myself to try to be a better person. You may think that you have it bad, but remember someone always has it worse.

I don’t believe it matters what you did in the past, but what you do in the future that makes the difference. so if life is taking a turn for the worst just remember it is just another chapter in your life, you aint dead! So the book isn’t over, just keep living, and don’t forget to keep the story interesting

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