Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~ Only Two Emotions ~

Only Two Emotions ...........

The two emotions that rule our life…

As spiritual beings one emotion we need to live by is love. All good things come from love. Just as all good comes from love, everything that is bad comes from its opposite. And the opposite of love is not hate but rather fear.

Love gives us trust, honesty, respect, companionship and ultimately peace. While fear gives us resentments, anger, hate and many other negative thoughts. And while we come to believe that there are only two emotions love and its opposite fear, we also learn that the ultimate goal of love is peace.

So if love leads to peace, than its opposite - fear also has a goal. And it’s the direct opposite of peace. Some would say that the opposite of peace is conflict. But I believe it's deeper than that. The opposite of peace is insecurity.

The goal of love is peace, while the goal of fear is insecurity. Think about that. When everything is going well in our world, we are at peace. We are at love with our surroundings and the people in our life. It is a very strong, powerful, and spiritual place to be.

With our fear, we easily fall into the realm of "stinkin' thinkin". We become angry, resentful, bitter, lonely, and all those other negative character defects. We lose our patience with our surroundings and the people around us. And with this fear every one of our character defects raise its ugly heads.

So the next time your angry look at your insecurities. And ask yourself what you are scared of? Remember that anger is just fear turned inside out. Usually the answer will come down to control. Our insecurities and fear all go back to control. We can't control our surroundings. We can't control who we work with or what we do.

It all comes down to two emotions love and fear. If we live our life in love, we are at one with our surroundings and our Higher Power. In other words, we are spiritually centered. If we live our life in fear, it falls into place that we are insecure. And to live a life of insecurity we live a life of spiritual bankruptcy.

That’s it – love and fear.

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weallareconnected said...

this is one of the most beautiful posts i have ever read.

i just like to add 1 thing to it. Most of the time we mix these 2 emotions. We put fear into love a lot and sometimes we do add love into fear. We are not able to differentiate the two.

so my point here is that knowing the difference between the two is the first step(which you told us). Now second step is to get rid of the fear part and try to follow more and more of the love part and to do that, we just need to follow our feelings.

if we are feeling good; we are into the love stage and if we are feeling bad; we are into the fear stage.

To transfer our self from fear stage to the love stage we just have try to revive our love and we can do that by remembering the old time, seeing old snaps, thinking about good future or any thing we like.

Just make a list of thing that make us feel happy and if one thing doesn't work go to the next one and so on.

the end thing is to feel good. Feeling good is the most important part.