Friday, February 4, 2011

~ What are you looking for in life?~

What are you looking for in life?..........

Plenty of people reach a point in their lives where they just aren’t satisfied with where they are, or what they have. Midlife crisis is a great example of this – people start realizing that their life is going by very quickly, and think they’re running out of time to “have fun”.

The question is:
Have you ever really spent time thinking about what you want to get out of life? Or will you wait until you reach a point where you realize life is passing you by?

“The desire to create the life we want takes a measure of risk and it does take courage. Sometimes building a solid foundation when we make the decision to walk away from our comfort zones gives us the firm footing we need to go forward and to explore what’s next in our lives.”

Are we content in all areas of our life? Why not start to overcome fears of failure, and think about some areas of our life that we can change.

Seriously, what are we looking for in life?
No matter what we are looking for in this life ...
don't forget to cherish every moments of it ..

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fzia said...

" What are you looking for in life?."
...thts wht I'll ask myself when I feel lost,confused, can't find the way or missing something ...

I guess we should keep this question in our head .. in order to be in right track ... insyallah !