Monday, May 9, 2011

~ What do women want ?~

What do women want ?............

To understand women, the first thing that men need to do is stop believing in the concept that men and women are totally different in their thoughts and actions and behavior. Well, men are not from Mars and women are definitely not from Venus. Open your eyes, and you'll notice that both men and women belong to our very own, beloved Earth. The aspirations, expectations, and dreams of every women are as similar (or as varied), as that of men.

To find out what a woman wants; you will have to find what does a man want? (And every man knows, that, no matter what the cliché says, its not just sex.) It's love, care and affection; money, success and status; appreciation, companionship, friendship and admiration. All this and much more...

A woman wants these very things. This is true, not only about the great and lofty ideals of life, but also about the small, everyday things. Once you understand this, you'll never be exasperated and confused about what it is, that is demanded of you, in any situation; be it, with your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or a female colleague. Try and picture yourself in the same situation and ask yourself, what you would want in a similar situation? For example after a tiring day, if you would want a cup of tea or coffee, that's exactly what a woman would want too. Similarly, as you would want to achieve success, power and status in your professional career; that's exactly what a woman aims at, too. And if occasionally, you think that you need appreciation for the work that you do; that exactly is, what women need.

I'm not saying that there are no differences at all. However, these differences are not related to the needs; but rather the behavior and reaction-patterns. For example, most women will discuss problems at length; while men aim at solving them at the earliest. Or that, women like to share, and expect their men to listen; which means - not offer solutions, but just LISTEN. And yes, women can cry easily; be it a happy occasion or a sad one, or in fact, none at all. Most men find this, hard to deal with. Nonetheless, this is also not very difficult to tackle. In situations like these, all that a women needs, is assurance and trifle bit of more care and affection.

Once men change their perspective towards women, they will realize that women sacrifice quite a lot, in every relationship. Also that, women, neither do realize this, nor are they unhappy about it. Life would really be far more easier, for us women, if we were to get a little more respect from people around us, especially those for whom we care. And this respect will be given, only if men understand that we are not very different from them. That we too, have the same expectations from life. And once this happens, every relationship between a man and a woman will become much more momentous, enriched, enjoyable and delightful.

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