Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~ The Gifts ~

(this is where I found the fish)

21st August 2011 .....

" Umi ... come quickly " fatin, my third daughter shouted from downstairs as she opened the front door.
" What !!! " I shouted back at her, while running down the stairs.
" Look ! " She pointed at something black infront her car.

It's a fish just infront her car. Wondering from where this fish come from. Its heavy rain last night, but nobody here got fish pond , no river nearby also. So where on earth this fish come from.

I called my relative asking what should I do with this fish. All telling me to keep this fish.
Hmmmm ... I have no other option than to keep it.

Further more they said it is ramadhan the blessed month .. so maybe there is something Allah wants to show me .

22nd August 2011 .........

(Puteri Arsyhia Adnie At-Terawis)

That afternoon ........Nabila my eldest daughter called me ... complaining labor pain . I tried to calm her and asked to do some wirid . I urge my son-inlaw to take her to hospital qucikly. I can't accompany her as I stayed quite far and have to wait for Fatin to come back.

A few minutes before 7.00 pm .... got a message from my son-inlaw he got a baby girl .... Alhamdulilah .....

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