Tuesday, October 4, 2011

~ Awareness ~

Awareness ..........

Awareness is noticing the blessings that often get overlooked in our busy lives.
Gratitude for a special blessing can inspire us look further and discover even more good in our lives.
As we are inspired, let us also be inspiring to others.’

If we tend to see today as the same as any other day then we have lost our sense of awareness.
Yes there is a lot of repetition from day to day in many of the things we do,
but the blessings that today will bring will never be the same as the ones we had yesterday and tomorrow is an entirely different story. Busy lives and heavy working schedules can often put on the blinkers and our awareness of these blessings.

Can we pause when a special moment happens?
Can we hold it?
Can we allow it to inspire us?
........that every inspiring moment has its roots in God.

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