Friday, December 6, 2013

I Miss you ..........

Today is friday.
A lovely morning with fresh air ............ 
 sitting by the window with the wind whistling comfortably, suddenly reminded me of an old friend who could not be contacted. I was thinking .. where is he?

He was such a nice person ... so sad .. missing him so much.
Where are you my friend .. I miss you ..
Our memories made me smile ... how I miss them ... the jokes and the laughter that we shared together....
If you read these my dearest friend .. please contact me ... I need  to see you standing infront of me ..
honestly I miss you so much ...

On 1st february 2014 .... my daughter Fatin will get married ..
Will you come my dearest friend ? I would like to invite you .. please contact me dear ..
I really don't know how and where to look for you ... honestly I miss you so much ..

2013 will be leaving us ..
We are not getting young any longer .. 
So .. I beg you .. before I close my eyes .. I would like to see you ..
We are in the waiting lists to be called by the Almighty ... so .. before it's too late, I need to see you ..
Forgive me my dearest friend if I ever hurt you in anyway .. 
Honestly .. you always in heart 

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