Monday, March 2, 2009

" Emotion....................."

(Thu, December 20, 2007 - 8:47)

There are two types of emotion-divine and undivine. Emotion by itself is not bad, but when we misuse it, it is undivine emotion. When it is properly used, it is divine emotion and is absolutely necessary. Undivine emotion is restricted to the gross physical, the vital and the obscure mind. This kind of emotion is the result of unfulfilled, unsatisfied and dissatisfied desires. It constantly tries to possess either an object or an individual or the whole world. It binds and limits us and finally drains our physical, vital and mental energy. This possessive emotion makes us think of everything in terms of 'I, my, mine'.

When we use human emotion it tries to destroy everything. Gradually, emotion becomes limited only to one's own body; then to one particular portion of our body. Undivine emotion negates and negates. Emotion in the physical and vital, which are impure, will naturally try to destroy our divine possessions and qualities. With negative emotion we increase our conscious aggressiveness.

The emotion that binds us to our own limited physical consciousness has to be thrown aside. We have to try ultimately to illumine and transform both desire and emotion, rather than to control or discipline them. When we take shelter in divine emotion, we can illumine and transform the human emotion that wants to possess the world and bind us.

In the body
Emotion is self-indulgence.
In the vital
Emotion is self-temptation.
In the mind
Emotion is self-mortification.
In the heart
Emotion is self-expansion

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