Monday, March 23, 2009

" Into The Light................"

Into the light ............

You are a moment away from despair, and a moment away from greatness.
Life can change in an instant, in this very instant.
Life can change because you can change.
You can change your outlook, even with no supporting evidence.
You can choose to become discouraged when there is no reason to be.
Or you can choose to be positive and enthusiastic even when the world seems to be turning against you.

Reality for you is what you make of it.
Certainly there are many influences beyond your control,
and yet you are completely within your control.
And that's what really counts.

What if you could choose to be happy whenever you wanted to be?
The fact is, you can.
What if you could choose to be positive and enthusiastic whenever you wanted to be?
Actually, you can.

Is it unrealistic to focus on the positive when the world is telling you to be negative?
No, it's not unrealistic. It's enlightened. It's effective. It's powerful.
And not only does it move you forward, it brightens your world as well.

This is a moment for greatness. Step into the light and live it.

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