Monday, April 20, 2009

" Do things for the sake of Allah............."

Do things for the sake of Allah.............

In the battle of Khandaq, the Muslims dug a ditch around themselves for their defense, so that the enemy could not get across.

A man from the enemy side called Amr bin Abdawud who was known for his strength, courage and art of fighting managed to get across the ditch.

All the Muslims were terrified to fight him and only Hazrat Ali (A.S.) came forward to fight this man.

There was a fierce fight until at last Hazrat Ali (A.S.) threw Amr down onto the ground and mounted his chest ready to kill him.

Just as Hazrat Ali (A.S.) was about to kill this enemy of Islam, he spit on the face of Hazrat Ali (A.S.).

Everybody was certain that because of this insult, Amr would meet his death even faster still, but to their amazement, Hazrat Ali (A.S.) moved from Amr's chest and walked away.

Anger Management in IslamAmr attacked Hazrat Ali (A.S.) again and after a short while, Hazrat Ali (A.S.) again overpowered Amr and killed him.

After the battle was over people asked Hazrat Ali (A.S.) the reason why he had spared Amr's life when he had first overpowered him.

To which Hazrat Ali (A.S.) replied that if he had killed him then it would have not been only for the sake of Allah but also for the satisfaction of his anger and so he let him free.

Then Hazrat Ali (A.S.) controlled his anger and killed Amr purely for the sake of Allah.

( Although your intention may be pure to begin with it can very easily change so always make sure you do things for the sake of Allah only.)

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