Saturday, April 18, 2009

" Is Money Is Everything ?..................."

Is money is everything?............

Qambar, the servant of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) relates the following incident:
"Once and only once Hazrat Ali (A.S.) got annoyed with me. It was the occasion when I showed him the money that I had hoarded. It was from my share of income given to me like others from the Muslim treasury and the gift I had received from the members of his family. I had no immediate use of it and had collected the amount. It was not much, being barely 100 dirhams. When I showed him the amount he looked annoyed and what pained me more was that he looked sad.

"I enquired as to why he was so sad. He said, " Qambar, if you had no use of this money, were there not people around you who were in need of it, some of them might have been starving and some ill and infirm, could you not have helped them. I never thought that you could be so heartless and cruel, and could love wealth for the sake of wealth. Qambar, I am afraid you are not trying to acquire much from Islam, try more seriously and sincerely. Take these coins out of my house."

"I took them out and distributed them amongst the beggars in Kufa mosque."

Some people say 'money is everything'. It will be advisable for such people to consider the following facts:

"Money will buy a bed but not sleep, Books but not brains, Food but not appetite, Finery but not beauty, Medicine but not health; Luxuries but not culture, Amusements but not happiness, Passport to every where but not to Heaven".

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