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Following is extracted from an article, which has been displayed on a Notice Board of a Hospital in China

Although fruits are nice to eat, inappropriate intake is also harmful to health. Thus, we must be careful in what kind of fruit to eat. What kind of fruit to take depends on the health condition of your body.

1. Guava and "Yang Mei" (Red Bayberry) contain more ascorbic acid and are not suitable for anyone with stomach problem.

2. Persimmon and peach contain more tannic acid. Anyone with regular constipation should avoid or cut off completely.

3. Grape, mandarin orange and cherry are healthy fruit and are not suitable for anyone with healthy body.

4. Pear and banana are cooling, pregnant ladies or anyone with weak spleen or diarrhea should not take.

5. Apple and pineapple, on the other hand, is neutral in nature and is suitable to people in any health condition.

Anyone who is sick should choose fruit based on the illness.:

1. "Shan Cha" (Hawthorn) can reduce the blood cholesterol and blood pressure.
2. Longan can prevent liver from damage.
3. Red dates can enhance the blood, spleen, stomach and detoxify the body (such as relieve healthiness or fever).
4. Mandarin orange is a supplement to calcium.
5. Pear can enhance our lungs' ability, reduce heatie and phlegm.
6. Banana can help to people suffering from constipation. Hepatitis patient should take fruits with rich vitamin C and carotene.

Diabetes patient should take fruit with low sugar level has significant impact on their health condition. Although fruit can have medication effect, we should be careful in taking fruit together with our medicine. This is because acid in the fruits can neutralize the alkaline in the medicine and reduce the effect of the medicine. Some Chinese medicine prescriptions even forbidden the patient from taking any fruit or melon.

Fruit should be taken at the appropriate time and appropriate quantity. Too much fruit of cooling nature or acid will be harmful to spleen and stomach. Eating too much fruit of healhty nature will cause healhty problem. Eating too much fruit with more sugar content will cause "Fruit Urine Disease".

> The most appropriate time to eat fruit is about 1 hour after meal.

> Fruit should not be eaten before meal as it will affect your appetite. Acid in the fruits will also crystallize the protein in the food and affect digestion and absorption.

> When eating fruit, we must remember to wash the fruit and peel the skin. This will take away any remaining pesticide on the fruit which may result in food poisoning.

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