Thursday, July 9, 2009

~.Learn By The Way Of Life

~ Learn By The Way Of Life ~

The correct way of learning - To let go to learn or to learn to let go?

Well, you see. To be able to efficiently learn and master a new knowledge or skill, you have to first be willing to let go and abandon any hindering thoughts or ideas, which you might have. You should not allow any past knowledge and experiences to reject the intake of new information and ideas. Instead, you should graciously welcome them and embrace the learning of every new skill. As to whether you are going to apply them, that would come later. The key is, once you mastered the skill it will follow you forever; at the very least when you need it, you know you have the ability.

To start off, if you are not hunger for new knowledge, how can you possibly learn? If you are not hunger for food, you are just not going to enjoy your food not matter how tasty they are. The principle is the same.

Once you have decided to pursue a new skill, you go all out for it. You make the best out of the learning process. You make sure you take in to the best of your capability, the acquiring of the new knowledge and skill. It is never a disadvantage to know more. Don't unknowingly let your pride and ego hinder your achievement.

So to be asking, which comes first for you? To let go to achieve the best learning or to learn how to be able to let go first?

It can be quite a conflicting argument here, isn't it? But that is the way of life! In life, there could never be a thing known as the Perfect Balance. How to balance out your life; your learning process in life, that is for you to handle.

Similarly, what is the best tactic to winning? Again, there could never one perfect winning tactic. In fact, having of no tactics can be the just the best tactic sometimes. Haven't you hear before the joke, no choice is a good choice?

And well, for those of you who are the Chinese Kung Fu novel or movie fans, you should have come across plots where the key to learning the superb kung fu skill in the story is to first destroy one's very own skill; to start from scratch. Or perhaps other similar plot where the highest-level of the art of kung fu is one that is without actually any fixed move and pattern. The invincible kung fu master is able to defeat his opponents without the use of any special move or stroke; taking his opponents down just as they come along.

So the point here is, you have to be open and keep a clear mind to achieve the best learning result. Sometimes less is actually equal to more.

When there come the chance to learn more, you welcome them. Don't let any past hurting experience stop you. Similarly, don't be too prideful of yourself. You have to understand that you can't win all the times. You may be winning now but still it doesn't mean you won't lose. Be open, learn to accept new ideas and opinions from others. It is not going to do you any harm to be learning more and likewise, to listen and to learn from others. You never know when that new knowledge would come in useful; to help you through suicidal problems that may arise. Well, life is always full of surprises, isn't it?

Work smart but don't outsmart yourself. Learn by the way of life and you shall be able to flexibly handle any problems like the invincible kung fu master, defeating his opponents just as they come.

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