Saturday, March 19, 2011

~ What Makes a Man? ~

What Makes a Man? ..............

What makes a man and what is the true measure of manhood?

Temperature is measured in degrees
Weight is measured in pounds
Speed is measured by miles per hour
Liquid is measured in ounces
Distance is measured by miles
Time is measured in hours
Hard drives are measured by megabytes
Pressure is measured by PSI
Genius is measured by IQ
True manhood is measured in virtues

True manhood is measured in virtues. The best way to define virtue is through the telescope of manly courage and valor. It is the quality of doing what is right when doing what is wrong is much easier.

The virtues of true manhood…

A true man is secure in himself; unflinching in the face of the mixed messages heralded by society concerning: sex, manhood, fatherhood and husbandhood.

He inherently recognizes his duty to God, his family, community, country and government.

He leads with a servant’s heart; filled with love and endued with compassion; concerned about the needs and feelings of his fellowman.

He lives by the law of all for one and one for all.

He never sells out his family or community for filthy lucre’s sake.

His character is marked by his integrity, fidelity and loyalty. No matter how other men conduct or represent themselves, he lives by the law: “My word is my bond.”

He does not leave his family and community vulnerable to risks, attacks or dangers. Protecting them is one of his utmost concerns.

His diligence in fulfilling his responsibilities is demonstrated daily as he vigilantly seeks the spiritual, moral, health, educational, social, and economic prosperity of his people.

He never abandons his flesh and blood or leaves his family or community dangling in the wind.

He is a griot; he perpetuates the family legacy, traditions and vision through the future generations.

How he deals with adversity distinguishes him from the multitudes of males who succumb to temptations, crack under pressure and cower under in times of challenge and hardship.

Always executing that which is right and good for his family and community; he has the courage and resolve to make tough unpopular decisions.

His vision of the family is a loving, vibrant, cohesive, healthy and tightly knit unit and he never jeopardizes that vision.

He does not squint his eyes in the face of injustice or inhumanity; he is resolved to helping and improving mankind.

He is not a respecter of persons.

He prepares his sons and daughters for the future.

He doesn’t misconstrue his kindness as a sign of weakness.

His character is marked by dignity, honor and chivalry.

He is known as a champion amongst champions.

He is able to admit and amend his faults and receive advice and guidance without being arrogant, stubborn or prideful.

He does not recompense evil with evil; instead he repays evil with good.

He is a cultivator and as such, he brings out the best in people.

He respects his elders and comprehends the immense value of their sage advice.

He is called an awesome son, the best brother a sister could have, a true friend, a great husband, a doting and loving father, a trusted confidant, a caring and benevolent man.

His character is marked by his good stewardship.

He knows his God-given purpose and understands and utilizes his God-given gifts, talents and abilities for the benefit and blessing of mankind.

This is the true measure of a man.

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