Sunday, November 20, 2011

~ Wasted Time ~

Time is such a terrible thing to waste. We only get so much time to use each day and wasting even a few moments can keep us from being productive as possible. Each time we waste time, another moment to seize has slipped away that we will never get back. Think about that for a moment, there will never be another today. The date that slips by today will never come again. With that realization, should we not be making better use of our time?

All of this leads to an important question: how do people waste their time?

- People waste their time doing nothing :
There are many people who simply see their time slip away while they actually do absolutely nothing. One of the chronic nothing activities is sleeping late. Everyone does need sleep and maybe parents of newborn babies need even more. Getting enough sleep is essential for staying healthy, performing at peak levels and living a balanced life. However, there are some people who would sleep the day away without giving the matter much thought at all. Sleeping longer than you personally need is nothing but an absolute waste of time and time is precious.

- People waste their time doing things that do not matter :
Another area where people waste their time is doing things that do not matter. How much time is lost by people playing video games or other such mindless and meaningless activities? We are all guilty of rewarding ourselves with one game of Solitaire or Free Cell only to find we have wasted an hour playing the game. Video games offer nothing of value to the players or to anyone else for that matter. Find some more constructive use of time.

- People waste their time doing things they hate doing :
People also seem to habitually do things that they absolutely hate doing. This could be ongoing chores or even their job. While everyone needs a job and there are certain tasks that we have to do daily, there are some things to do to move beyond tasks that are disliked.

First, for chores that you dislike doing, find someone else who might be able to do the task for you. For example, mowing the lawn is a mindless task that must be done week in and week out. Paying a teenager to do the task might only cost a few bucks and frees up more of your valuable time. Second, for tasks at work, make sure to tackle those tasks first. The faster those tasks are faced and finished, the quicker a person can move on to better tasks.

- People waste their time talking instead of doing :
People talk a lot about things that they need or want to do but in the end never do anything. Take a few moments to stop talking about doing something and get after the task of getting it done. Talk accomplishes little or nothing until we are ready and willing to take action. Stop talking and start doing.

- People waste their time on selfishness :
People also waste a great deal of time on nothing but themselves. An excellent example is an addict. The addict focuses their efforts and time getting the item or thing they are craving. Some people are addicted to wasting time. They sleep late, they are never in a hurry to do anything worthwhile, and they are focused completely on their own personal wants and desires. These people rarely do anything for anyone else and waste their time.

Remember time is the fabric of life and when we waste time we are really just wasting our lives. Time is a gift that we are given with each new day. Twenty four brand new hours, 1440 priceless minutes and 86,400 seconds. All of this time will be spent but we chose the way that time is used. Are you investing your time or are you wasting your time?

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