Monday, April 30, 2012

~ Let Love Find You . . .~


Many are concerned about finding love in all places—internet dating sites, singles organizations, surroundings, everywhere—for all the same reasons. They think that the time is right in their lives for love; they are lonely, they need to find love because everyone else around them has found love, or they are old enough and don’t want to remain alone for the rest of their lives, so they strive to find love. But it is important that we all must realize that true love isn’t something that is forced. Look at and judge every single relationship you encounter; that is the love I found. It is something that just happens without you even knowing that this is it.

Many people are so hungry for love that they choose to bite the first slice of love that they might see, even if it is toxic. Just because they feel happy when they are together, saying "I love you" over and over again, they say "I found my true love." This is not the basis for true love.

When two people have been together for quite some time and have been through a lot of ups and downs, patience is needed, even if it pushes you to the edge. When no one says, "I don't give up," "I’m sorry, please forgive me, we can patch this out," "I will stay, I’m not leaving you;" maybe then you will say it’s true love that finds you both. Don't be a fool for love; choose your love as best as possible. True love doesn't mean you must be together or live together, it just means you will be together in heart, spirit, and mind.

Distance is not a hindrance for true love to happen in our life. It is in itself to test how strong and true your love for each other is.

Let love find you and work its magic in your life. It is very true that sometimes love takes us over to the edge and catches many by surprise. But for many, love is something that they search for many times over and over yet never really find it because they never let it find them instead.

Let your love find you, let tears and smiles collide, and you will be so much more grateful for it.

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