Friday, December 21, 2012

~ Never Hold Back How You Feel ~


" If you hold back how you feel because you're afraid of getting hurt, you end up hurt anyway......"

Never hold back how you feel about someone or about a certain situation, especially if you know once the opportunity to make something with someone is ever taken from you because someone else beat you to the punch will ultimately hurt you anyway.

As we live our lives we have to come to terms with the fact that if we want to live the best life possible for ourselves, we have to be willing to take the risks necessary to do so. Instead of holding back from expressing your emotional connect with a person, take the opportunity to do so, for no matter what is the consequence, if you hold back how you feel because you are afraid, chances are you would end up being hurt anyway.

Make it a lifestyle to be honest with others about who you are, and how you feel, only then will you achieve the ultimate satisfaction of living life with no regret.

To say stop being afraid is easy to do, but to actually start living, and to start taking action to get to where we really want to be is the most difficult thing in our lives that we have to do.

We feel every feeling for a reason. Until we can learn how to manage our actions because of the way we feel, instead of letting how we feel lead us not to act at all, we will more than likely never stop being afraid.

Today is the day that you can pump some action into your life. Decide what it is that you really want, and start taking active steps in pursuing what it is that you truly want out of life.

Change your thinking, and think like a person who is always plotting their next action, and act like a person who is always thinking, not fearing life, but thinking and pursuing.

Grab life by the horns in every second possible, and always remember that change is necessary in every facet in life in different moments. Stop letting fear ruin you, adapt, and grow until you can no longer, live on!

Never Hold Back How You Feel ........

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