Sunday, December 9, 2012

~ Our Ways Are Not Always God's Ways ~

 Love for the sake of Allah never dies

Just because we desire something out of life, and just because we have a dream set up for ourself, doesn't mean that God wants that for us. Our ways are not always God's ways and this sets up perfectly to live a life on earth in which we learn how to trust, and how to love from a being that we can't even see with the naked eye.

Just as we feel that we should only believe in what makes sense to us, God tells us not to believe in anything unless it is from him! Just as we feel we should condemn others for being wrong, and not give love to people who hate us, God tells us to love everyone from our neighbors, to those who have committed the worst atrocities imaginable against us. Just as we expect to accumulate what we need by saving what we have, God tells us when you are in need, to give out what you need so that in return you will see a great harvest.

As you go through life just try to remember that this isn't our world, it's Gods, and our ways are not always Gods ways!

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