Saturday, April 27, 2013

~ Do You Speak from Your Mind Or Heart ? ~


You know if a person speaks from the mind or heart by the way you feel about what they say. If you get emotional or you have some deep feeling inside, it means the person talks from the heart. If their words appeal only to your mind or they don’t appeal to your mind (but doesn’t do anything to your heart), then the person speaks from the mind.

No matter how many people choose to think with their minds that’s not the best option. A better option is to think with your heart because then you get on the path to your ultimate fulfillment. Only by thinking with your heart you can learn the lessons that you should learn in this lifetime and have the experiences that benefit you.

Talking with your mind is accepted as a good thing to do. You can show off your intelligence and sharpness of your mind. But beyond this entertainment you don’t benefit anyone, not even yourself. You simply play the ego game which leads to emptiness.

So the next time you are in some conversation, try to tell the truth. You tell the truth when you speak from your heart because the heart never lies, only the mind does. See how people respond to you then – I’m sure you will be surprised.

When you are being true to yourself others will be more open to you too. Sure, some people may use you but you will never get burnt if you keep listening to your heart. Just respond in a way you deeply feel about the issue and you will be on the path to a never-ending peace and happiness.

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