Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~ Free To Be ~

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We all look for reasons for being
A reason to do something
A reason to act
A reason to be something

We say to ourselves
If only I had this
Or that
Then I will be happy

So we wait for something to motivate us
Dare us to succeed
Dare us to change
Dare us to be

Our past seems our constant companion
And cruelest of enemies
Never forgetting previous follies

Perhaps the greatest dilemma of all
When we begin treating our dreams as imposters
Come only to create future
Disappointment and despair

Tragically losing ............
What could have been

So we wait for our opportunity
Our time
Our chance

Sadly ........
Waiting for
The perfect moment
The perfect reason
Will never come

Is it fear that hinders us ?
Fear of failure ?
Or is it something else entirely ?

For if it's failure we fear
Who or what defines it ?

Could it be
That the true villain isn't fear
But the failure to accept this one truth 
That our worth
Isn't defined by the world
It's defined by us

When looking for a reason to be something
Remove these shackles of comparison
Don't be, just because
That's what you ought to be
Be .....
Because that's who you are

If comparison is the guiding light
That defines the markers along our path
It's not our path we wander

There is a whisper within us
We all feel it
We all know it

This indescribable greatness
That lies within every human being
A value that cannot be measured
Or Proven
It just is
Never Allow entrance into your heart
The World's definition of your value

It will create something
Entirely unattainable 
Hopelessly out of grasp
Will we define our greatness
By comparing ourselves to others
Or by looking within ourselves ?
That is the question ....

Shrug off these shackles that bind
The world's definition of you
And your value

And you will be free as never before
Free from fear
Free from despair
Free to succeed
Free to be .........

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