Saturday, June 21, 2014

Trust ........

With regard to trusting people, a person may think, 'Is it right to believe in anything a person says? Is it right to trust everybody? 

There are many people who are not worthy of trust; shall we then trust everybody in order to develop our trust?' 

The answer is yes. Perhaps we will have failures, but we will only trust another person when we trust ourselves, when we have faith in ourselves then we will have faith in another. Without faith in ourselves we can never have faith in another; to have faith in another is to have faith in ourselves.

 It does not matter if once or twice we are disappointed, but if we are afraid of being disappointed even once in our lives, perhaps we will doubt all through life, and so there will never come a time when we will be able to trust anybody, even ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

yeh kya hu'aa
kaise hu'aa
kab hu'aa
kyon hu'aa
jab hu'aa tab hu'aa
chho ro yeh na socho