Thursday, August 28, 2014

Don’t Apologize For Loving Someone – Not Ever ................


We can love, love, love but sometimes that love isn’t returned. That’s not our fault. To love or not to love is a choice. We chose to love. They chose not to. This does not mean we are unloveable or unworthy of love. We’re not idiots, fools, or weak for loving. Rather, we have courage. Because we chose to be vulnerable and self-sacrificing; a requirement for love. And when it was over, though the echoes of the painful experiences reverberate in the depths of our being, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and we keep pressing onward. 

I’ve made it a promise, in my personal life to never apologize for loving people, even if that love is never returned. To be unloving is the other person’s problem, not mine. 

At the end of our life, the only things you’ll regret are 
 1) Not taking more risks and 
2) Not being more loving toward others.” 

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