Sunday, February 15, 2009

" Boredom....................."

(Wed, June 11, 2008 - 6:32 AM)

Are you ever bored?

In this hurry-up world, our days are frequently scheduled and structured with business and personal matters that need attention. There is often too little time for quiet, unstructured boredom. And with television, the Internet and other information media constantly bombarding us, there's always something to provide diversion.

We need a little boredom, though. Time that is not scheduled or filled with activity. Time to sit and think, to reflect, to relax, to contemplate, to find a little balance. We need quiet time that is not interrupted by a telephone, a newspaper, television, radio or any other distraction.

When was the last time you just let your mind wander, while staring at the clouds? You can learn a lot from times like that. You take in so much on a daily basis, and time is needed to process it all. The problem is, there's so much more constantly coming in, that the processing part gets way behind.

If excitement and activity are all you know, then they cease to be special and just become tedious. Don't forget to balance them with some quiet, thoughtful boredom on a regular basis.

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