Friday, February 20, 2009

" Loving Relationship.................."

Loving Relationship.................

Having someone special in our lives is one of life's gifts that only happens on a very limited basis. It would be nice to think that every beautiful person we meet is automatically and instantaniously attracted to us and we to them. It doesn't happen that way. Even if it did, the very fact that a mature understanding of love demands a depth of feeling for another person that reaches deep into our hearts. Otherwise, those who seem to fall in and out of love at regular intervals are suspect. Love between two people is more than a magical feeling that lasts for only three months. The real thing lasts for a lifetime--perhaps beyond.

Whether you ascribe to the soulmate concept or simply believe that there is someone for everyone, there is no doubt that we humans have always wanted to believe that love and the object of our love are both special--even unique. Just as our own existences are the result absolutely fantastic odds, finding someone special to share our lives with is just as wonderous and amazing.

It's not a myth. It's not even an exageration. Being in a loving relationship with someone special is the very best of what anyone of us can ever experience in life. Wealth, fame, and power are mortal concerns which offer little in the way of genuine fulfillment. They are not enough to satisfy the soul or fill the heart. No dying man was ever comforted in his last moments by his riches, his fans, or those whom he held sway over.

If life has any meaning at all, it only becomes clear the moment that special someone looks deeply into your eyes and says those three words...I Love You.

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