Friday, February 13, 2009

" When Things Go Wrong.. Find The Message..........."

When Things Go Wrong...... Find The Message.....
( Sun, August 24, 2008 - 3:22 AM)

We've all had those days where whatever could go wrong.......did! We just couldn't seem to get right, no matter what we did or said. Well, I am a firm believer in the saying “Everything Happens For A Reason,” and I wholeheartedly think that when things aren't right at the moment, we need to find the message in that lesson, in order to move forward.

Wherever you are at the present moment in your life, is where you need to be. You need to be there so that you can obtain the knowledge necessary to move forward towards your life's path. If you continue to do the same thing and getting the same results – it is clearly obvious that it's time for a change. There is always a lesson to be learned through whatever we experience at any given moment. If you find that you can't move forward, you need to find your lesson in those unfortunate life events. It is a key component in determining your future. Things just don't go wrong for no reason.

You can't go against “God's Will” no matter how hard you try. This is one reason why things keep going wrong in some of our lives. We hear the little voice inside and we feel that uncomfortable feeling as well, but we are disobedient. You have to act on what you know is the right thing to do. Yes, it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but think of yourself as having peace of mind, less stress, and continued blessings. You can't buy peace of mind for any amount of money in this whole entire world. What He has laid out for you, is a life beyond anything that you can possibly imagine. In order to start reaping the rewards and benefits of this life; you must stay in faith, take action, and be aware of the life lessons you are being taught. When you pray, don't worry and of course, if you are going to worry, don't pray.

If life is serving you constant hardships, it is temporary. What are you doing to start climbing out of your situation. God will only meet you at the level of expectation that you have set for yourself. You can't expect the Universe to supply you handsomely with abundance and prosperity, if you are not willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work towards obtaining abundance and prosperity. The Universe helps those who helps themselves.

I also hear a lot of people say “I Have Faith That The Lord Is Going To Make My Situation Better,” but they continue to sit on that couch day after day watching soap operas, expecting a big gift box to fall from the heavens. They also pray and pray and pray, but still sit their butts on that couch day after day without putting forth any efforts in obtaining what they're praying and having faith for. The only way your situation will get better is if you are already doing what's necessary; your strong faith will undoubtedly reward you in the process. You can't have faith, and sit on your butt and wait for a blessing to fall in your lap. That's not the way it works. Your actions are the determining factor. The strength of your efforts will be the measurement of your results.

Stop blaming others for your unfortunate life events and do something about your situation. If you are currently living with relatives, besides being homeless, what is the lesson you need to learn while living there? Plan never to come back. If you have a friend who constantly makes you feel bad about yourself, what is the lesson in this experience? She is not your friend. Do you have people around you that are draining out all of your positive energy? What is the lesson? You can love them from afar honey! Are you in a relationship where you are belittled constantly? What is the lesson? You must work to start loving yourself. Do you have a boss who is regularly disrespectful? What is the lesson? Find another job!

Opportunities to learn are all around us. And if you will notice your opportunities and the lessons that life is trying to teach you, you will realize that “When Things Go Wrong, There Is A Message Waiting For You In Your Experience. Things Go Wrong For A Reason. As Long As You Continue To Avoid the Lesson In Finding Your Truth, Things Will Continue To Go Wrong For You. You Were Headed Down A Path That Was Not Beneficial To or For You, So You Came Upon A Hill In The Road That Seemed Too Steep To Climb (Your Unfortunate Life Event). You Try On Your Own To Find A Way To Climb That Hill, Without Seeking Instruction and Clarity From The Universe – Things Will Continue To Go Wrong. You Must Ask The Universe To Show You The Way To Get Over That Hill and You Must Recognize The Answer When You Receive It From The Universe, So That You Can Start Living The Life That You Were Put Here To Live.” You Can Never Go Against The Universe......God's Will.

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