Friday, February 13, 2009

" Time's reason.........."

Time’s Reason.........
(Mon, August 4, 2008 - 12:30 AM )

Time is forged into the foundation and the structure of all things that we know to be.
As we ascend from moments born to be accepted, then woven into our memories,
we must understand times presence.
For as the clouds contrive the wind,or a child is bonded to the mother of its blood,
Then so we will know time and be destined to its order.

And in its domain we will progress or we will choose to be still,for we are spirits that are of free will .
If the construction of our internal light is nurtured by the calling of our desires and if our needs are of the flesh,
then the course of our direction will be altered and the beating of our hearts will not be heard in the place where life eternal begins and ends. We will become as a lost angel that has purpose only to navigate life’s swirling wind but not follow its direction.

When our inner self is in rhythm with the earth and in harmony with the universe, there will be love and peace and growth.
But if we become out of step with time, we will not hear or feel the sounds of life’s sacred order.
And when the music of its harp is not in rhythm with all earthly cycles,
then life’s order moves on and our time fades into eternity’s bosom like a sound that fades into the nights darkness,
never to be heard again. And if we cannot sense the ocean from the scent of its breeze,
we will be as a bird in flight with a failed wing, as it flutters helplessly to earth and our divine promise
to become what all things will be shall be failed and broken. And we will flutter into the deepest realm
of our egos desire, drawn down within its illusion. Then so, our sense of progression in the dimension
of time could not exist, and time’s rhythm would become like a ship without sails,
whose course is set only in the bewildered and confused minds of men destined
to become the ghosts of life’s seas upon the earth.

Our journey through life can be imagined as a progression up a spiral stair case.
Each step that we take gives us a new and different perspective to view life from,
learning and accepting each new experience, which is influenced by each new moment from
the passing of time. Each step once occupied, disappears behind us and can never be returned to,
as our eternal direction moves forward, as does the infinite direction of time.
If we choose not to take the next step, time will move on and life which is shackled to its calling will move with it.
You will then be living in a dream of what you want life to be, not being true to its living and moving reality.
And you must know; although we are spirits of the same light, I will step away from the prize that you seek to attain.
For I do not desire what you desire. The truth I seek is not to be harvested by the hands of men,
but consumed by the soul, as the soul is consumed by it. I will move in its movement.
And from the rhythm of its harmony there will come eternal progression.

Universal law is the doctrine written by the hand of times measurements.
Time’s reason is the distance of life’s realization from one moment to the next.

As we move within its movements, the speed at which we realize our eternal destiny is
measured by the time it takes to traverse from one moment to the next.

As a child is born and is destined to learn the ways of life, in its life’s time,
then does the movement of times reason reveal the distance of our
evolution from the beginning to the end.

During our ascending experience, we may realize that where ever we are on this journey,
each new moment that is born from the last reveals a new experience never witnessed before,
as each day’s end gives way to a new and different day which has never been seen thus
becoming a new page of our living experience. And in our growth, when we realize ourselves,
we may gain the wisdom to see where the negative and positive forces of the end
and beginning of time embrace the ether.

If not for times reason and our acceptance and understanding of life’s changes from its movement……………
The eternal wisdom of our souls could never unfold to be realized.

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