Tuesday, February 17, 2009

" Life ......................"

(Mon, December 24, 2007 -)

Life is a gift.
We choose what we do with this gift.

Many of us choose to use our gift to its fullest potential,
while others choose to abuse their gift, and hurt others gifts.

Sometimes, we forget how important others gifts are, and at times even our own gift.
For the most part, we treat our gift and others gifts with compassion and understanding, love and forgiveness.

It is important to understand everyone's gift is individual. We all have our own wrapping paper. Each one of our gifts is special, and no one has the right to criticize one's wrapping paper, or gift.
There are no two gifts alike. Even if the wrapping paper looks the same, Look Closely, It Is Not. Everyone's wrapping paper has its individuality.

This gift is good.
Our gifts are good.

In a world where there is so much war, anger, grudges against one another, famine, and catastrophic events, we must not forget how good our gift truly is. We need to come together and realize that our gift was given to share with others. We can make the difference. There is no room for grudges or hate. If we all come together and work together to create diversity, this gift we have will be Awesome! Eventually in time,
others will follow, and soon our gift will combine with others gifts, and there will be tranquility.

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