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" Sometimes Love Hurts............... "

Sometimes Love Hurts...............
(Thu, November 22, 2007 - 7:19 PM)

Sometimes love hurts. Sometimes love is so beautiful you feel like you are going to burst. You want to make love over and over. Just to make some feeble effort to show how much it aches. Your lover is happy. They dreamed of being loved like this. They dreamed that one day, someone would love them Like this.

It hurts you ache. They don’t understand. You become sensitive, you become hyper. All emotional and reactive. Strength and stability are sucked from your core. You can’t be yourself. Fragile, you want to make them happy, but it turns into advice. And you blow it. They shut to your love.

You want to love them, and there comes a destruction of their friendships and lifestyle. You want more of them, you want more and more. You are even more in love, it hurts, you do everything to relieve the pain, you try, but nothing can make this easy. You love, and the more you love, the more you hurt, crazy, madness, you just can't understand. They don’t get it and you struggle, and change and try to cope. You hurt because you love. You try every angle, every idea, nothing helps, hopeless, you're in love.

Yesterday you were fine, friends and family, they even liked you, understood you. But now you are different, pathetic, not yourself. Not the one you thought you were. Vulnerable, it’s impossible, you can’t live with yourself. You want to marry and merge and hibernate, yet, they don’t understand, they think it’s about them, they think you are in love with them, they think it’s about them, but they are wrong, this is not the case. You are in love with the two, the couple, the pair, the twins. It's not them, it's us.

You want them to become an us. The We. Our. Not me and mine, or yours and you. You want to get lost in them, and them in you. No them. No you. Be consumed. But they don’t understand and you die. You fight yourself because you blew it. You lost yourself. And they didn't loose themselves. You are a fool, you think. Now you can’t find yourself. You threw it away to create we – a we. But they don’t understand, they think you are in love with them – about them, their self. And so, they start to cry why don’t you love me like before? And you cannot say But I do!

You cannot say that you still love them because there is no we. There is no us. There is just a me, and a you. They don’t understand. There was never an us. There was only them. And they didn’t understand, they simply didn’t turn up. They thought your love was for them but it wasn’t just that, it was more, much more, it was two not one, and they could turn up.

And now, you are the accused. Liar, thief, cheat, and their heart is broken because they thought you would be there, no matter what. They say you never loved them and you try to explain that you loved us, not just them. But they just don’t understand They thought your love was for them. They thought your love was a sacrifice for them. They thought you put them on an alter, but you wanted to put us on that alter. They thought they were the object of your love. It was not true It was an “us” we loved. We. Our. Us. Not a “U” And they just never showed up. They didn’t understand, or just weren’t ready. For an “US” more important than “U”

It wasn’t wrong that it didn't last, you were not wrong, there are no victims. You were not wrong, they just don't understand. They think your love is for them, because that's all they know, them. You just showed up and fell in love with the US. And they couldn’t show up. There’s nothing to change in you. It hurts to love. Now, simply go back and do it again and know that one day someone will know how to love the US, more than they love the U. Your love for an US is divine and sacred.

Can you see.

We think it’s all about me.

But love is not about me, I, you, they, them.

Love is about an us.

To love an US people must let go of the ME<>

In love there is no me.

In love there is no you.

To fall in love is to fall from the I.

And work for the two

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