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" The Four Types of Lover..................."

The four types of lover................
(Sun, November 30, 2008 - 10:04 PM )

They are four types of lover,........
1. root chakra (through orgasm)
2. sacral chakra (through affection )
3. solar plexus chakra (through power )
4. heart chakra (through love energy)

The first chakra lover............ or root chakra lover lives for sex. Sex for him is the most important thing, sex is an end for him. The first chakra lover will do anything to have sex experiences, he doesn’t want more than that. Its most basic strategy will be to emulate the characteristic of a third chakra lover because most women live in the third chakra and are mostly attracted by men on that level. A man in the first chakra is not in a good position to get what he want, but anyway once in a relationship a first chakra lover will ignore the emotional and spiritual part of it and keep it physical, when sex becomes boring he will use techniques like the kama sutra or others until he reach the point where he must find a new partner to feel good in the sex act. Usually the first chakra lover experience the love energy radiation through the orgasm, he has no understanding that will allow him to experience love energy in a different way or context.

The second type of lover,........ the sacral chakra lover is more interested in the emotional aspect of a relationship, affection is very important to this type of lover, to gain affection everything s/he will use everything ,his or her favorite method is to become sick so loved ones and other people can take care of him or her, and s/he will feel loved this way. Through the energy of affection the sacral chakra love feels the love energy.

Sometimes, the sacral chakra is referred as a wuss particularly when it’s a man, a wuss is an insecure person, the second sacral chakra lover is addicted to his emotions and have little control over them in most case he lives in a fear based reality.

The third type of lover....The solar plexus lover, they are typically the rulers, the politicians, the kings, the cult leaders, the high priests, all people with power, power for the solar plexus is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

The solar plexus lover is addicted to power, power has an addictive quality to it, a solar plexus politician can be more in love with his political party than with his wife to a large extent famous people or celebrities are solar plexus lovers, most women are solar plexus lovers and who read the people/celebs magazines more ? women.

Celebrities seem to have power however they are at the bottom of the power food chain. Money and power is what count on the third chakra , the solar plexus. That kind of people are rather mental and analytical, through achievement they feel contentment, they are also the one who write our history books and make the rules in the society, but they don’t care much about emotions and physical aspect of human, these are levels that they aren’t comfortable with. When they are women they are often sexually frustrated when they are men sex is still less interesting than power.

The fourth type of lover the heart centered lover living in the heart chakra for this type of lover trust is what matter the most. Trust, honesty , compassion and connection, they are the important values of the heart centered lover , they may not attach a lot of importance to money and in a lot of case, they don’t care at all. They are concerned to keep the integrity of the fourth/heart chakra level values. To be a successful heart chakra level you need to love yourself first, to fall in love with a person, has got to be the direct result of first falling in love with you. In the heart chakra you don’t look for love energy through orgasm (first chakra), through affection (sacral chakra) or through power (solar plexus chakra), you work directly with love energy, it is very intense and you become more vulnerable , it is why on that level trust and honesty is very important. Trust, compassion and honesty are the cement of a heart based relationship.

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