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" Living With Purpose...................."

Living with Purpose ..........
(Mon, September 1, 2008 - 5:15 PM )

ALL has purpose. We live our lives with intention - too often purpose is hidden from us, or becomes quite muddied as life gets in the way. Whether we know it or not, every event, person, circumstance, in fact, every aspect of our lives has purpose and value - and appears to help us grow and learn, to mirror for us the state of our souls, to show us what we are creating through our thoughts and feelings, as well as the loving actions we take... it is up to us whether we choose to see, learn from and accept the purpose in all, even in life's tragedies, perhaps our biggest lessons.

The seeds of our greatest joys are found in our greatest sorrows in life. Even the pain has great purpose, is a response to a soul call.

I was asked by a man about life purpose. As I looked into the man's eyes, these words came:"to learn about love, loving unconditionally".

He was stunned. I could see from the expression on his face that he was processing, and that I had hit a nerve, a light was going on. He responded a few minutes later: ""Now I see how it all fits, I've still got some work to do." This man is an old soul, and often old souls will define a simple purpose for themselves in one lifetime and then allow the stars and the flow of their lives determine how they get there.

Few of us come into the world with the purpose of becoming the president of a company or a country, or to be a celebrity, star athlete, a doctor, lawyer, teacher, missionary, or spiritual leader. Instead, we will define purposes like: learning about wielding power wisely, learning about healing, competing, justice, or how people learn. Sometimes we decide that we want to right a wrong from some previous lifetime, whether a wrong we imposed on ourselves, a single individual, a people or a country and so we choose a particular path that will enable our purpose.

The roles we play in life come to us as we prepare for and then act on our soul purpose. Our roles serve a purpose in finding our Higher Purpose.

Understand also, we have a multiplicity of purposes in a lifetime. We may have set a specific purpose, like learning about love or power, or even finding a cure for cancer, but we will also have many other purposes - to connect with certain people, to have certain kinds of experiences, to express ourselves in unique ways, for example as musicians or artists. But whatever the purpose we may have defined, the larger purpose is the evolution of our soul, the acquisition of Light as opposed to the acquistion of property, knowledge, or accolades.

And so it is that every aspect of our lives has purpose, meaning and value, even those experiences we might prefer to overlook or to have avoided. Whoever we are, our life's purpose is to evolve, to love, learn and grow.

If you're one of many who feels a sense of mission, feels called to help in this time of transformation, remember: to be of real service to anyone else, you must attend to the evolution of your own soul. Your purpose may in the end, be quite simple - to learn to love yourself.

At the end of the day, it's all about lemonade... Making the most of every moment, seeing all as purposeful enables the evolution of your soul in whatever direction your Higher Self has set. Staying present, doing your inner work, accepting and working with where you are now ultimately leads you to fulfilling your life's purpose for today and tomorrow..

If you want to align yourself with your Higher Purpose, use this powerful affirmation as often as you can think to:

I will to will Thy Will. Then be willing to make change.

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