Monday, February 16, 2009

" Happiness..............."

Happiness ..................
(Tue, February 5, 2008 - 9:39 PM )

Everybody wants happiness in life, from life. Each Creation of God wants happiness. God wants happiness through His Creation. We want happiness and we need happiness.

In this life of ours there are many things that we want but actually do not need. But when it is a matter of happiness, we not only want it, but we also need it. There is no happiness in mere seeing. There is no happiness in mere feeling. There is no happiness in mere achieving. Happiness can be found only in our conscious surrender to God’s Will.

Right now, here on earth, we enjoy false happiness in the body, vital, mind and heart. The body enjoys happiness in the world of pleasure and lethargy. The vital enjoys happiness in the world of aggression. The mind enjoys happiness when it doubts and suspects. The heart enjoys happiness when it treasures insecurity. This is the way we enjoy happiness in the beginning.

But there comes a time when real happiness, divine happiness, dawns. At that time the body is fully awake and consciously offering its service-light, the vital is dynamic, the mind is calm and quiet and the heart feels its oneness, its inseparable oneness, with the rest of the world.

We have two main instruments: the mind and the heart. The mind finds it difficult to be happy, precisely because the mind consciously enjoys the sense of separativity. It is always judging and doubting the reality in others.

This is the human mind, the ordinary physical mind, the earth-bound mind. But we also have the aspiring heart, the loving heart. This loving heart is free from insecurity, for it has already established its oneness with the rest of the world. This heart carries the message of self-offering, and self-offering is God-discovery.

"To be loved is a good thing. To love others is a better thing.
But to love God and man in God's own way is by far the best thing.
When we are loved, our life becomes meaningful.
When we love, our life becomes soulful."

"My true friend is he who loves me for what I inwardly am
and not for what I outwardly have."

"Hope itself is happiness.
It needs no outer happiness
To add to its joy.
Love itself is satisfaction.
It needs no outer satisfaction
To add to its reality-strength."

Do we have the capacity to help others? Yes, we do.
Do we have the capacity to help others in words? Yes, we do.
Do we have the capacity to help others in deeds? Yes, we do.
Then how is it that we do not help others? We do not help others for various reasons.
I wish to cite a few deplorable and painful reasons.The most deplorable reason is a very simple one.
We do not want to see happiness in others; we want only our own happiness.
By nature, we human beings are cruel to one another. By nature, we do not want to see others happy.
When we see that others are happy, we feel that our own little world is totally shattered and destroyed.

The animal in us gets happiness from destruction. The human in us gets happiness from division and a sense of separativity.
But the divine in us gets satisfaction only from oneness. The divine in us knows nothing else save and except oneness.

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