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" Relationships................"

(Thu, November 22, 2007 - 8:20 PM )

Relationships - WHY LOVE? Love is the ultimate ending?

Love is the vast ocean where ultimately all creeks, waterfalls & rivers merge and become one with ocean. The content of all containers is identical. Their shapes may differ but the content is water. Likewise love in any format is always the same. It takes various forms and shapes but its nature never changes.

Love manifested in any form is only love. The difference between human love and cosmic universal love is zero. You love God or a living being reality; is exactly the same love, for God is a super living reality on a larger scale.

If you love God, will you love with rancor, fear, guilt, jealousies or conditions - you will only love unconditionally with pure heart. Wont you? Similarly if you love anyone or anything, do it without impurities of mind.

Love is that intense pressure which you feel in your heart always latent, that appears to be dormant or lost when your mind's impure thoughts overpower your emotions and you disconnect from love. Never dilute love with foreign matters and negative emotions. Impure love is no love. When you change or disguise the nature of love, you stop loving. There starts all the problems. The absence of love creates misery in every form.

When two loving hearts JOIN - it is like two rivers joining and become one, that finds its way to the ocean of eternal joy.

End your agony, stop thinking and start FEELing. Love with submission and dedication, get connected and merge to the ocean of love. Just feel deep inside, it will show on your face as magnetic grace. The world will be around your feet.

Merging of Energies :

If you observe the electric wire you will see that inside the plastic coating there are two metal wires representing negative and positive. Merging them together makes the energy float in them. Likewise love floats in your inner self when you merge your soul with another one.

The deep feelings of union create great love in your heart. You can lose all your consciousness and your whole self in deep love. Love occurs when you truly know someone. Finding someone attractive, liking, admiring, appreciating someone may not be love but infatuation. To really love someone, first you must know your self completely, love yourself and be emotionally available.

The desire for true connection is dormant in your mind as there is longing to connect with creator. It is first manifested through mother and father. In reality it is our desire to become one with the creator which propels the female energy to merge with male energy and the male energy with female energy.

The merging of two energies creates a true love entity. Love is the most natural of processes which just occurs. One needs many life times to know the true nature of one's self yet a life is only complete if you submit and merge yourself with one partner. There is hardly anytime for multiple partners. True love is complete merger of two souls and when that happens all other aspects of life succeed. You feel fulfilled and complete. Physical love is only meaningful if it is a manifestation of true love felt in your soul.

What is true LOVE afterall?

True Love and merger of souls cures, heals, completes the cycle of lives. Love does not translate to success or winning. In reality true love means total defeat, absolute surrender and immolation of ego. Those who consider love as a race, a competition, a duel or a way to material achievements don't know what love is. Love is a vital necessity and without it our world self-destructs.

Lack of love creates fear, evil, crime, depression, weakness, darkness and violence. Lack of love alters mind, moods, metabolism of your body and health.

Love gives new life and continues the cycle of birth. All forces, laws, religions and any other man made barriers, to love eventually fail. To love is nature. To deny love is against the nature's cycle.

Denial of love creates great distortions, social chaos, economic downfall, poverty, wars and diseases of all kinds. Love is the prime gift of the creator of our universe and there is nothing more precious than love. Look at your life carefully. Whenever there is love and affection, you grow, prosper and remain healthy. Loveless children become cruel, evil and drift on margins creating poverty, misery and havoc.

How love is created? Love is always there like light and energy. We need to regenerate it through our soul with total annihilation of our false pride, foolish ego, insatiable lust, unending greed and foolish ideas of winning and conquering leading to selfisness. Love increases within from a stainless, pure heart, faith and trust.

When you still your mind, calm your nerves, relax your tension, anxiety and angst - you come closer to nature. The closer you come to nature - the more you will be filling the self with love.

The ultimate and last station of all cycles of lives is love. Most souls start with love but get lost in this myriad jungle called world and forget what love is. We forget our true nature and paint our soul with dark colors of hatred, self-inflicted pain, meaningless depression and gleeful violence - which leads to our destruction. You must recycle your soul, start afresh and wash your soul with oxygen of introspection, compassion and pure stream of humility.

BE your true self. Love. Remove your stained glasses of knowledge. Love is everywhere - just feel it.

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