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" The Most Powerful Three Words in Any Language..............."

The Most Powerful Three Words in Any Language...

We men love to repeat the silly joke that the three words every woman loves to hear are "It's my fault." It always seems to evoke a chuckle. However, there is not one of us

who doesn't truly enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling that always occurs when we hear those other three words.
"I love you."

In fact, we use that little phrase to test the validity of any primary relationship. For example, what man or woman would begin to doubt the true intentions of another if they never heard those words but for their always saying them first.? It would be nice to think that anyone who loves us will beat us to the punch in declaring their love now and again.

So, when you meditate upon it, what is it that necessitates our hearing those three little words? Why is it that we hang on them as if for dear life? Conversely, why is that not hearing those words has a way of causing us to emotionally feel very deprived? They are only words, yet, we need to hear them regularly, lest we die emotionally.
"I love you."

Perhaps it is that twinkle in her eyes or the unique espression on her face that makes hearing those words so special. Maybe it's his sincerity and genuineness that assures her that he means it with all of his heart and soul. At any rate, when your lover pronounces those simple words, you absolutely know in your hear that, if ever anyone felt the depth and magnitude of what they are meant to imply, this person has given you all that they are capable of when it comes to the deepest of human emotions, feelings, and commitment.
"I love you."

Not only that, but we tend to validate those words by actions. If ever actions spoke louder than words, the way in which our lovers demonstrate their feelings toward us only verifies our need to verify their love. Conversely, we know full well in our heart of hearts that saying it and demonstrating it are two different things. Yet, who would disagree that doing both only assures the one we love that we are truly sincere and genuine?

Say Them Often....
Interestingly enough, those three words are inexhaustible. They can be said a billion times and never lose their power or ability to deeply touch a heart. Furthermore, it's impossible to wear them out. It can't be done.
Test it.
If you want to make the point, tell the one you love those three words a dozen times or more each day. The bottom line is that there is no way of repeating them too much or too often. Furthermore, scream them out in a flurry of repetative phrases a thousand times over and each one will be received as happily as the first. It's just impossible to wear out those three words.
Therefore, is once a day or less really enough?
Say Them Sincerely...
Of course, no one would argue that an insincere espression of love is easily detectable. Few people are easily fooled by insincere and empty words. On the other hand, when someone looks straight into our eyes, declares his/her love, and assures us that it comes directly from the heart, one finds it impossible to ignore. When it is real, we hang on to those three words as dearly as life itself.

When the person we love best recites those three words, all that is difficult in life takes a
back seat and, for one magical moment, no one dare ask why we are here on this earth or what our purpose might be.

To be loved by another is the fulmillment of all that we are and the reason why the universe was created. To love another gives us a purpose and a reason to both live and bring happiness to our special someone.

Say Them Truthfully...
One cannot expect a mate to melt in his/her arms upon hearing those three words drop from the same lips that have recently been abusive, argumentative, critical, quarrelsome, uncaring, etc. Woe unto the lover who openly demonstrates some negative behavior and then expects declaring his/her love to provide him/her with a free ticket to the bedroom.
It just doesn't work that way. In this case, actions do speak louder than words. Otherwise, the words will have power if the actions behind them provide more than enough evidence that they are true.
Say Them Completely...
The next time you say those three words, take time to expand upon them. Tell him/her the extent of your love using add-on phrases like "more than _____," or "much more than you could ever realize," and "so very, very, very much!" As long as it is said sincerely, it cannot be too dramatic or exagerated.
For some people, the three words are enough. For most of us, the expanded version is all the more musical to the ears. Verbally sharing our feelings for another person by expressing them in a paragraph instead of a sentence can be a wonderful moment for two people.
Go ahead. Say it all and then say it again. Be mushy, slushy, and gushy. Don't hold back. When it comes from the heart, the hearer is always blessed.
Say Them--Just Say Them...
Too many of us have had the experience of whithholding those three words from someone who well deserved to hear them but passed away before we could ever tell them. We've also found ourselves wishing that we would have clearly stated them before allowing someone very special to simply walk out of our lives.

The insight to be gained here is that of realizing how those we love hang on those words when we express them, especially when framed in a hug or a kiss.

Finally, try to keep in mind that even though others may not express themselves in the same way, those who do communicate their love are so much better off for it. Like a wealthy man who gives his money away, the feeling of letting others know that they are much loved is as good for the giver as it is for the receiver.
Three words...
I love you.
They are truly the words that every human being needs to hear.

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