Friday, February 13, 2009

" If You Can't Avoid It, You Face It................."

If You Can’t Avoid It, You Face It...........
( Wed, August 27, 2008 - 8:08 PM )

Every minute every second, this world is constantly in move. Time is never going to come to a stop. The sun will eventually set today but rise again tomorrow and this will go on and on forever. This is the law of Nature.

Similarly, no matter how big a problem you are facing now, there is no way you can put a stop to things. No matter how worried and stressed you are now, tomorrow will still just come. It is just a matter of time you have to face the problem.

Instead of bringing about unnecessary stress and anxiety to yourself, why not calm down and bravely face it? Aren’t things just worse if you were to fall sick over too much of stress? In the end, not only are you not able to think properly, you may just very likely make the situation even worse.

Now, life shouldn’t be this stressful.

Just like the sun, which set and rise again and again, what will come will just come. But remember this. When it comes, it will eventually end too. Meaning to say, your problem will eventually come to an end too. It is just whether it ended in a good or bad sense.

That is life! You can’t win all the times. But then again, you won’t lose all the times too. Remember. In life, there is always two sides to things (Principle of Yin and Yang)

At the end of the day, it is how you take these problems that matters.

If you fail, did you ask yourself why? And if you succeed, did you ask yourself why too? Every event that happens in life is a learning experience.

If you may fail this time, are you going to let this failure bring you further down?

And if on the other way round you succeed this time, will this be an encouragement to push you on further? Or will you end up over conceited, thinking you will win every time?

In what approach are you going to take your failures and success, it is all up to you. But remember this. Life is a journey and not a destination. There is bound to be more problems and obstacles you will face in life.

Are you going to bravely face and learn to best conquer them; taking each and every one as a life learning experience? Or are you going to make yourself feel sick and stressed over something, which you can’t avoid?

Now. If you have planned for yourself an important date but to unexpectedly meet up with a heavy rain. Are you going to avoid the rain and stay at home or to go ahead as planned, to just bring along an additional umbrella with you?
An umbrella will just solve everything, isn’t it? And if it can’t be an outdoor date, change it to an indoor trip. Problem solved! Sometimes, the solution can be just this simple. But because of too much of unnecessary stress given to ourselves, we fail to just see things.

Keep that smile on and you will definitely see more of this world…

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